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Entertorials 15
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Entertorials 15
30th Aug 2012, 7:34 AM
Author Notes:
mark stacy
For Better or For Worse parody, commenting on storyline that culminated in the two cheated-on women (including Elizabeth Patterson) beating up the transgressor, with no regret or anything over the use of violence. In the strip's book collection, there was an edit, but over one of the earlier threats, not the punching. The threat (of a frying pan, if I remember correctly) should've stayed and the hitting should've gone, imho.

Anyway, my reaction was to show the ultimate conclusion of the violence-is-okay-he's-a-rat attitude of the strip in a dark satire of it.
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User comments:
mark stacy
Alittle late figuring it out, but I was able just now to delete the extra Entertorial 15. It's actually easy, like things tend to be at this user-friendly place.

Didn't need to cut and paste, but thanks for the suggestion, Muffaroo. Sorry I had to sacrifice that comment ("Cut and paste?"), though.
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