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Humor, with some light satire.
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PCK #5
13th Jan 2012, 7:07 AM
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Notebooked (Guest)
So far, this is looking promising! I love your style of drawing -- it reminds me of the man who used to illustrate Roald Dahl books -- and I love the way you write the dialogue phonetically and, for that matter, the way you write the dialogue. Looking forward to seeing how this develops!
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mark stacy
Thanks! With the dialogue, I'm trying to do for kidspeak what Walt Kelly did for southern dialect in Pogo, and George Herriman did for southwestern mixed dialect in Krazy Kat. I'm hardly in the same league as those two, but it's alot of fun working wordplay into these kids' way of speaking. Glad you're liking it.
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Reepicheep-chan (Guest)
IDK what I could suggest, I just wanted to point out it took me forever to parse the dialog in panel 4, despite the fact I actually watch Community. Abed does not read as a name very well (which is not really your fault, but still true I think), and making it all caps does not help, and even with the quotes "Community" does not parse as the name of a show very well either.
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