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Humor, with some light satire.
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14th Mar 2014, 4:44 PM
Author Notes:
mark stacy
The sequel to "Pop Culture's Kids" should start next week, probably on Monday. The new webcomic will be called "PCK Time", keeping the PCK identity, but only as initials, since a lot of the comic will be these characters as young adults. Since Surrelia screwed up the Space-Time Continuum, both the adult PCKers and their kid counterparts will exist on the same plane of existence.

I will keep this version of the comic open in case I still want to put new material in here later on. Once I start the new PCK, I'll leave a cartoon advertising the new version. I hope all my subscribers will subscribe to the new PCK once it's put up.

For a touch of the style this strip's been drawn in, I will include a Sunday funnies "PCK Time" on the new site drawn in a style similar to "Pop Culture's Kids", based on Surrelia's imagination making stories for her writing career. The rest will be in my '70s editorial cartoon style, like above, 3 to 5 weekdays a week.

Thanks very much!
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